Repair / Maintenance

Keep Your HVAC System in Great Condition

Schedule HVAC maintenance for your unit in Loris, Conway, SC and surrounding areas

The best way to keep your HVAC system in peak condition for years to come is to perform regular HVAC maintenance. If you live in the Loris & Conway, SC area, you can look to Casey's Heating and Air for all of your HVAC maintenance needs.

We'll check every part of your HVAC system to ensure it's running properly. This includes:

  • Checking freon levels
  • Checking capacitors
  • Looking for furnace leaks
  • Inspecting ductwork

Our team will even offer you advice for steps you can take to keep your unit in better condition.

Fix any issues as they arise

If we find any issues that need fixing during our maintenance check, we'll complete any necessary HVAC repairs.

From bringing freon levels up to replacing your ductwork, we'll handle every HVAC repair to get your unit working properly again.

Call 843-877-3882 today to get a free consultation on your HVAC maintenance and repair services.